Go Green

Say no to plastic

As part of green initiatives and to spread awareness about effects of using plastic and polythene bags, Roseland Residency , Gate 4 , Pimple Saudagar a large society with around 800+ units started an initiative to have people stop using plastic bags.

Society management started this initiative first through email and through Roseland google group to make people aware of effects of plastic and polythene bags and how it adds to garbage, pollution, and destroying the green nature around us.

Then society came up with unique initiative of distributing a "Reusable Shopping Bag" to each and every household with the message printed on each bag. This bag could re-used and people need to carry this every time they for shopping, thus avoid usage of plastic and polythene bags. This resulted in increase in awareness and as well as people started using this reusable shopping bag. This has resulted in some percentage reduction in Roseland residents using plastic and polythene bags and spread word about bad effects of using plastic bags. This eco-friendly step is towards a green and clean environment.