Our Efforts

Our one year Saving in Energy (June 2012 to June 2013)

One year ago Roseland Residency & SavEn India Energy Management partnered to do The Energy Conservation Project. At the completion of one year, we are delighted to share that it has been a tremendous success. Every member of Roseland Residency should take pride and be happy that they have made a contribution towards protection of the planet.

Highlights of the achievements through the project:

Roseland Residency made a contribution towards environment protection without making any expenditure. (Through this Innovative Project Model by SavEn India)
  • It saved money for Roseland Residency
  • It was a Win-Win-Win for Roseland - Country – SavEn India
  • Roseland Residency has become a Trail Blazer; it has inspired many neighbouring societies to explore the same route. There are four of them SavEn India is currently working with.

Following are few other initiatives at Roseland Residency

Roseland Residency is committed to promoting and implementing sustainability best practices in its procedures and actions. Being environmentally responsible is now a vital aspect of acting in a socially responsible manner. Roseland Residency is implementing several programs that will save energy, water and environment. Our efforts are currently focused on the following programs:

  • Water Management: Aimed at creating awareness amongst residents about water and implementing effective water management there by reducing wastage of water
  • Go Green: Aimed at creating environmental awareness and increasing numbers of trees with in and around society premises
  • Energy Efficiency: Targeted at reducing the energy consumptions of the society
You will find the details of each of these programs in the sub-sections.
Fogging Machine for Mosquito Control

Roseland Residency Co-op Housing Society Pvt Ltd (Gate No. 4) , a vibrant and progressive co-op Housing society in Pimple Saudagar Area has set the example of "SELF HELP is THE BEST HELP" by OWNING a Fogging Machine for Mosquito Control rather than looking/waiting/following with PCMC Authorities.
As we know mosquito populations are a fact of life and it is growing day by day and can transmit various life threatening dieses like malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue, encephalitis, and West Nile Virus. Mosquitoes are found worldwide and there are about 3200 mosquito species currently recognized.Hence it is utmost important for to take mosquito control.
Initially Roseland Residency followed the conventional way and arranged fogging through PCMC, which was not regular and required constant follow up with PCMC to get priority. Changing Season & irregular fogging helped mosquito’s to grow their population and made it very difficult for residents to enjoy evening/nights in lush green gardens of Roseland residency.
Looking at this situation Roseland Residency Management Committee came up with an idea of SELF HELP by OWNING Fogging machine and using this on regular interval not just of their society but renting this out on "No Profit/No Loss" to other Societies/Residential Complex. Since Oct-2013, Roseland Residency put the fogging machine under operation and feedback from Residents in encouraging and other Residential complex in the pimple Saudagar area also started enjoying the fogging services.
Again Roseland Residency demonstrated that they are "First and Fast Mover Co-operative Housing Society".
Continuous cleanliness drive

Roseland Residency works under continuous cleanliness drive whole year. Our committee is committed to continuous improvement on this and following are various features. Our cleaning system is divided into following four areas.

  • Housekeeping of Buildings, Parking’s, Street areas.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Overhead and underground water tank cleaning.
  • Garden cleaning.
We have indentified different vendors for above areas and they have been allotted separate area to look after cleaning of the society. The Floors of buildings, stair case and main entrance are cleaned daily with liquid solution (e.g. Phenyl).The terraces are cleaned periodically and the Parking's are washed periodically.

We have placed dustbins at each building entrance, near Gardens, near security gate for resident’s convenience so that no wastes/garbage are thrown in open place. We have instructed residents to put dry and wet wastes differently. This will help housekeeping person to separate easily. Residents are motivated to keep dustbins clean and keep outside during garbage collection.

Every year before Diwali we instruct housekeeping staff to remove grass grown in parking and around.

Residents are informed to take care of their bicycles, mopeds and cars for regular cleaning. They have been advised to take corrective action on disposal of unused cycles, mopeds so that it will keep parking clean.
During Diwali all exteriors of building are cleaned from webs and dust.
Everyday all wastes are collected from each flat and clubbed at one place.

Residents are motivated not to use plastic bags and society has introduced environment friendly bags.
Society has periodic plans of water cleaning of overhead and underground tanks.
Gardens are cleaned regularly and wastes are collected in dust bins.

Society has laid rules on spitting, chewing tobaccos, smoking etc. Any one violating this has penalty.
Society has provided washrooms for Security, housekeeping staff, and maids.
Society maintains building cleaning register, housekeeping staff has been asked to take signature from each building on cleanliness.

Everyday during morning walk committee members identify areas and give instructions to the housekeeping person for cleanliness.