• Save Energy, Save money
    Saving energy and money

    In this grave situation when Maharashtra State is going through severe water and energy crisis, Roseland Residency in Pimple-Saudagar stands out as a role model society that has been taking positive steps to contribute towards water and energy conservation by controlling wastages with technology. Roseland Residency proved its excellent citizenship by taking a big leap with professional help to help save a lot of energy.

  • Society overcomes water scarcity
    Society overcomes water scarcity

    Roseland Society that suffered acute water shortage every year, now has excess water that can be lend to other societies in case of crisis, thanks to rain water harvesting project Post December every year, Roseland Society in Wakad always faced severe scarcity of water and had to depend on water tankers with bills going as high as Rs 4-5 lakhs every year. The situation slowly changed after 2010, once the society started implementing rain water harvesting programme as better option of water conservation.

  • Love for nature
    Love for nature

    Society Committee members of Roseland Residency, Pimple Saudagar have provided shed and water to birds that are now deprived of the natural habitat due to the concrete jungle.

  • Fogging machine procured at Roseland
    Fogging machine procured at Roseland

    In an exemplary move, members of Roseland Residency, Pimple Saudagar, decided to speed up their precautionary measures against mosquitoes by buying a fogging machine

  • UID
    UID centres at Roseland

    Centres for Unique Identification Number (UID), also called Aadhar Card, registration have been set up in various societies of Pimple Saudagar. Within 60 days of registration, the UID cards will be dispatched to the citizens

  • Thefts on the rise
    Thefts on the rise

    Recent incidents of thefts at Pimple Saudagar and Rahatani is giving sleepless nights to residents. Urgent need of hiring security guards from authorised agencies was felt by them.

  • Is your tenant registered-?
    Is your tenant registered-?

    The recent bomb blasts at JM Road have once again put a question mark on the security quotient in the city, considering the accused was a tenant himself. Cityplus finds out how mandatory is it to get tenants registered with the local police and if landlords are following the law.

  • Road problem ends
    Road problem ends

    This area was under tremendous trouble for water logging. People were getting this rain water inside their houses and were troubled by this. By putting complete storm water line on the road, which showed visionary stand taken by local corporator, the problem ended recently.

    -Santosh Maskar, Chairman, Roseland Residency, Pimple Saudagar


  • TBlood donation camp held in Pimple Saudagar
    Blood donation camp held in Pimple Saudagar

    Sahyadri Hospital and Vabita Banerjee, a resident, jointly organized a blood donation camp in the premises of Roseland Residency at Pimple Saudagar

  • TBlood donation camp held in Pimple Saudagar
    Say no to plastic: Residents

    Residents of Roseland Residency united to reduce the use of plastic bags by using reusable bags in their daily affairs

  • Run for pune
    Run for pune

    Residents of Pimple Saudagar completed 10 km range of international marathon held recently in the city. It was 27th Pune International Marathon in which participants were from across the globe. Eight residents of Roseland Residency included Anand Daptardar, Santosh Maskar, Chandan Chaurasiya and other eagerly participated and finished the category of 10 km range of marathon.