Support staff


Mr. Pralhad Naykinde

Estate Manager
Works as the Estate Manager for Roseland Residency. He is Bacherlor of Arts by qualification and has received formal training in Computers and Accounting. His responsibilities include coordination with the contractors, suppliers, workers and labours, management and smooth functioning of the Society office, account keeping, maintaining records and assets, liaison with Registrar Cooperative Societies etc. He reports into the core committee. Pralhad is hardworking, intelligent, compassionate, and has the highest level of integrity. He is very passionate about learning new things and has been a key member of the society committee.

Ph:+91 9657002790

Mr. Sundar Mane

Maintenance manager
Works as the Maintenance Manager of Roseland Residency. He has done his SYBA from Aurangabad. His responsibilities include day to day maintenance of Roseland Residency, planning preventive maintenance schedules of various machines and equipments (pumps, lifts etc.), identifying areas of obstruction / breakdowns and taking steps for rectification, supervision of maintenance staff, resolution of maintenance complaints from residents etc. Sundar is passionate about eating good food. His interest in travelling and driving power bikes is well known.

Ph:+91 9657002791

Mr. Bajirao Kolgir

Is part of the Maintenance Team and works as the electrician. He hails from Latur and is a proud father of 2 children. His love of traditional maharashtrian "Khichadi" is well known.

Ph:+91 9657002792

Mr.Sarjerao Hemnar

Is part of the Maintenance Team and works as the electrician. Sarjerao is well known in his friends as the "fast and furious" for his love of riding bikes at break nake speeds.

Ph:+91 9657002793
Ph: 9881288965

Mr. Maroti Mane

Is part of the Maintenance Team and is the water man. He is the one who ensures smooth water management during day time. He is a always cal and cool with an ever smiling face.

Ph:+91 9657002795

Mr. Basha Shaikh

Is part of the Maintenance Team and is an allrounder. He works as a helper and offers extra hand to anyone in the maintenance team. He hails from Solapur. He loves "Dum Biryani" and "Banarasi Paan".

Ph:+91 8421132866

Mr. Hanmanth Kumbhar

Is part of the Maintenance Team and works as electrician. Hanmant is the junior most in the team and is very hardworking and sincere individual.

Ph:+91 9657002794

Mr. Suryakant Kate

Is part of the Maintenance Team and works as a Gardner. Suryakant personifies simple living and high thinking. He is very polity and helpful individual. He is a doting father of 2 children and wants his children to highly educated.

Ph:+91 9552831842

Mr. Vinayak Gaykambale

Is part of the Maintenance Team

Ph:+91 9960116782